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Welcome to the 'Meeting Place' for UniCyclists in the Western Sydney, Blue Mountains Region. (WSUC)

WSUC is a group of keen and dedicated unicyclists engaging in all areas of discipline. This website has been setup as a central meeting place for riders in the area to come together, meet new people and discover the whole new world of 'UNI'.

Who needs two wheels when you can have more fun on one!

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Highland Fling 2011

Rob recently completed the Highland Fling on his geared 26". Covering 58km he came home ahead of many a mountain biker in a time of 5 hours. Well done Rob.

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Anniversary of the Closure of Old Bathurst Road

Old Bathurst Road has now been closed to riders, not sure what it means for 'One wheel' though?

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UniNats 2012

Melbourne will be hosting the Unicycle Nationals on the 9th to 12th March 2012. For further details you can contact Geoff Robinson at geoff.robinson@csiro.au

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One wheel is better than two for some cyclists!

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As if hauling a regular mountain bike along bush trails was not challenging enough, two Blaxland men decided to ditch a wheel when they tackled a 12-hour endurance race recently.

Charles Hardimon and Robert O’Brien received more than their fair share of sideways looks from fellow competitors when they took on the Jet Black Cycling race at Wisemans Ferry on the their unicycles.

What no rides!? Sad
Upcoming social/group training rides would normally appear here, but things are a little quiet at the moment and it's empty.

Don't be shy - this is a community site so if you're heading out and would like some company, post your ride.

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